Shop by Taste

We stock a wide range of different wallets, to help guide your search we've split these into different style categories. These lists are not exhaustive, if you like a particular style click through to it, then click on the brand name in the listing to see other similar styles of wallet.


Regular Everyday Style Wallets - For those that aren't looking for anything too outlandish, this range contains beautifully crafted, made to last leather wallets.


Contemporary Style Wallets - If you want a wallet that will stand out from the average take a look through this collection of our more unusual designs and colours.


Rustic Handmade Style Wallets - These wallets have that traditional leather craft feel.


Surf Style Wallets - If you're looking for something casual and colourful, have a browse through this range.


Smart Formal Style Wallets - For those that prefer to dress on the smarter side we've put this collection together of our more formal styled wallets.