Wallet Brands

Bellroy Wallets

Australian brand Bellroy exist to slim your wallet. Bellroy combine seriously well thought out wallet designs with premium vegetable tanned leathers, which age beautifully. The result is an extremely functional range of wallets which are a joy to use as well as look at.


Crabby Wallets

Crabby Wallet UK

Crabby Wallets were born from a highly successful crowd funding project on Kickstarter. The project's aim was to raise $10,000 of pledges, they smashed their target and received over $300,000. So what's all the fuss about? The Crabby Wallet isn't for everyone, it's an ultra minimal wallet made from elastic and requires you to be fairly disciplined about what you carry, the upside being you can barely feel it in your pocket.


Distil Union

Distil Union was created by two industrial designers and a graphics designer on a mission to create better user experiences. This led them to designing and producing the Wally Case. The Wally Case allows you to combine your iPhone case and wallet in one. They feature an ingenious pull tab for quick access to your cards and folded notes.


Exentri Wallets 

Exentri Wallets UK

Exentri are based in Norway. These trifold wallets are surprisingly compact, given their capacity. They have a sophisticated classic style and include some innovative features. Quick access slots allow most used cards to be removed with the flick of the thumb.


Herschel Wallets

Herschel are a Canadian brand, named after the town where the company was founded. Herschel are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why, their wallets are unconventional and perfect for those who are looking for something different. 

Issara Wallets

Issara Wallets UK

Issara was founded by corporate escapee Rosh. Rosh set out on a mission to create ethically handcrafted luxury goods. All the artisans in India and Indonesia that produce Issara wallets are paid at least 3 x minimum wage and receive health insurance for themselves and their families. The tanneries Issara works with are complaint with international environmental standards. 

J. Fold Wallets

New York Based J Fold wallet designs are inspired by the contemporary aesthetics of industrial design, vintage cars and classic sneakers, giving their range a retro feel. Jfold are perfect for those looking for something which is slightly less conventional. 



Mujjo is a Dutch designer label with a focus on simplicity and meticulous craftsmanship. Their leather iPhone case wallets are minimal and have a very clean sophisticated look to them. Mujjo cases allow you to combine your wallet and iPhone case in one, each slot can hold up to three bank cards.


Status Anxiety Wallets

Status Anxiety are based in Australia. Their wallets are lovingly crafted from Italian leather (which smells great). The craftsmanship of these wallets is superb and you get a lot for your money.

TGT Wallets

TGT Wallets UK

Handmade in New York, TGT wallets combine Italian leather with elastic to create stylish ultra minimal wallets. Including elastic in the design allows the wallet to expand and contract with its' contents, ensuring it's as compact as it can be, whatever you're carrying. TGT wallets were established from a very successful crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter, raising over $300,000. 


Wurkin Stiffs

Wurkin Stiffs RFID protected wallets and passport wallets have a thin alloy matrix fused between the Italian leather panels, which block signals from your bank cards and electronic passport and keep you information secure from electronic pickpockets.