Crabby Wallet C3 Levan

By Crabby Gear


The Crabby Wallet was born from a highly successful crowd funding project on Kickstarter. The project's aim was to raise $10,000 of pledges, they smashed their target and received over $300,000. So what's all the fuss about? The Crabby Wallet isn't for everyone, it's an ultra minimal wallet that requires you to be fairly disciplined about what you carry, the upside being you can barely feel it in your pocket.

The Crabby C3 wallets are the next generation from the Orginal V2 model and incorporate a few upgrades. They are made from a more durable canvas polyester, have a striped lining and an extra pocket for your most used card.

  • Measures approximately: 10.0cm x 5.0cm x 0.25cm
  • Holds 1-10 cards firmly, folded notes and a key
  • Can slip over most smart phones
  • Runer stip inside the vertical band provides grip

Size Category: Ultra Slim