Mujjo Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves

By Mujjo


Regular gloves don't work with touchscreens, Mujjo's stylish touchscreen gloves have silver coated nylon fibres woven through the fabric of the glove to make them conductive and therefore compatible with touchscreens.

These are the double layered versions which have an extra layer made from wool for enhanced insulation.

It's not just the appealing design which make Mujjo's gloves a cut above the rest, these gloves have been throughly thought through and include some clever detailing:

Unrestricted Functionality - some touchscreen gloves only have touchscreen capabilities in one or two fingers. These gloves have compatibility across the whole glove. 

Grip - Silicone dots are incorporated into the palms to aid grip, especially useful for handling your phone on a damp day.

Fleece Lined - A silky fleece lining feels great against your skin and provides additional insulation. 

Snap Closure - A magnetic snap closure on the cuff keeps the gloves securely on whilst wearing them and reduces tension on the cuffs when taking off / putting on the gloves. This makes the process easier, more comfortable as well as lengthening the life of the gloves.

Durability - Mujjo have carried out lengthly testing on a broad range of yarns to find this variety which is extremely durable and resistant to piling. Leather trim around the cuff and on the cuff strap protect vulnerable areas of the gloves.

For those that don't require the extra layer of insulation, take a look at the single layered version of these gloves.

To find the right size, please use the printable size guide. This needs to be printed on A4 scaled to 100% in order to work. It will not be accurate direct from your screen.