Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves

By Mujjo


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These leather gloves by Mujjo incorporate nanotechnology to make them compatible with touchscreen devices. Their iconic minimal design is coupled with superb detailing:

Unrestricted Functionality - Some touchscreen gloves only have touchscreen capabilities in one or two fingers. These gloves have compatibility across the whole glove.

Lined with Cashmere - Provides a luxurious silky feeling against your skin as well as fantastic insulative properties.

Wind and Waterproof - Wind and waterproof leather protects against the elements.

Magnetic snap closure - Gives these gloves their distinctive look, keeps the gloves securely on whilst wearing them and reduces tension on the cuffs when taking off / putting on the gloves. This makes the process easier, more comfortable as well as lengthening the life of the gloves.

Gift Packaging - These gloves make for a great gift which is why Mujjo have put just as much effort into the packaging design as the gloves themselves. 

To find the right size, please use the printable size guide. This needs to be printed on A4 scaled to 100% in order to work. It will not be accurate direct from your screen.