TGT Wallet Percolator Deluxe



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TGT wallets combine Italian leather with elastic to create stylish ultra minimal wallets. Including elastic in the design allows the wallet to expand and contract with its' contents, ensuring it's as compact as it can be whatever you're carrying. It holds the contents tightly and securely. If you're looking to slim down your wallet or want an additional wallet for nights out, when you want to carry less then this is a great option.

For more information on these wallets and TGT's story have look at the video which is from TGT's original Kickstarter campaign.

Measures approximately: 7.0 X 6.0 X 1.5cm

  • Deluxe version - has an extra leather pocket
  • Holds cards and folded notes
  • Italian leather
  • Elasticated to remain as slim as possible whatever the contents
  • Handmade in New York

Size Category: Small